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Swinburne Students


If you need a quote please call Michelle on 9690 1166 after 8:30 am Mon to Fri.
Please don't email asking for a quote.
If you don't need a quote make sure you check your work before sending in
as cost will incur if you find mistakes after book is bound.
Once you have done that supply the following.
Clear instructions in email on how the job is to be printed and with your contact details .
Biggest size we print is 450 mm x 320 mm so 297 mm x 297 mm will not work as we cannot bind or print this big.
If cover is single sided don't add blanks to text just let me know cover is single sided as blanks in the text file for the cover file is very confusing .
You will need to supply 2 PDF files
1 for text Finished size A4 + 2mm bleed for the sides, top and bottom and trim marks
1 for cover finished size front 210x 297 + back 210 x 297 plus spine + 2mm bleed and trims
Files not to be supplied as Spreads.

If you're setting up your document using Illustrator or InDesign follow the instructions below

When you 1st make a new document you need to 1st make it A4 page size and then where it says bleed
put 2 mm in each box then you will see a red line around your document and a black line .

The black line is your A4 size and the red line is your bleed line so if anything bleeds you need
to make sure it goes to the red line and everything else stays in the black lines = A4
Then do your document and when it is finished go to export under general choose pages not spreads
then go to marks and bleeds and under marks tick all then go further down and make
sure the 4 boxes under bleed all have a 2 in them and that’s it.

Click on the 2 links below to see samples

Make sure cover pages are supplied the following way.
If it's D/S cover you need to supply front, inside front, inside back, outside back and spine.
If it's a single sided cover you need to supply rear, spine and front.
To work out spine thickness 10 sheets of paper = 1 mm so if you have 60 sheets of paper this will = 6 mm
So if your book has 120 pages then halve that for sheets.
Supply Text as A4 PDF that is single pages not spreads with 2mm bleed on each edge and trim marks.
I Repeat do not supply spreads as we cannot use files that are spreads.
120gsm matt is for the text and 300gsm matt is for the cover.
Please make sure you double check your work as cost will incur if you find mistakes after book is bound.
Also make sure you give me instructions so if cover is double sided tell me, don't just put blanks and think we will work it out
Email files if under 10mbs or if over 10mbs use
Come into 141 Moray Street South Melbourne and drop off usb stick before 2:00 PM week days.
Please provide your Phone number in case there is issues with your files
You will need to pick up your book we don’t deliver .
Please allow up to 3 working days for your book to be ready.
Any other questions or a quote please call Michelle on (03) 9690 1166.
Please don't email asking for a quote.